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This app attempts the impossible: implement a bad idea the right way.


django-not-eav provides a special model: Attribute.

When such a model is created:

  • a model field is generated and added to the corresponding model class dynamically,
  • a column is created, using south API,
  • the admin is reloaded.

not_eav.autodiscover() is in charge of iterating over all Attribute to add the model fields to the model class dynamically.

You can add or remove fields in the admin, but you may not change a field name or type.

The advantage of this pattern over classic eav heavy solutions is that dynamic fields can be treated like regular fields.

The inconvenient is that it gives the website administrator the opportunity to mess up with his database.

In the end, this app enables the website administrator to become the developer of his own application.

This app will be the base requirement for the 3 upcomming apps, enabling the website administrator to:

  • create his forms,
  • create his list views,
  • create his details views,


  • Python 2.7
  • South
  • Django 1.4+


You could subscribe to the mailing list ask questions or just be informed of package updates.


See test_project/README

When things go wrong

If you need help, open an issue on the github issues page.

But make sure you’ve read how to report bugs effectively and how to ask smart questions.

Also, don’t hesitate to do pull requests !

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