django-not-eav demo

Run the demo project and try to add dynamic attributes to Django.

The demo project lives in the test_project subdirectory of the repository.

test_project: basic features and examples

Virtualenv is a great solution to isolate python environments. If necessary, you can install it from your package manager or the python package manager, ie.:

sudo easy_install virtualenv

Install last release

Install packages from PyPi and the test project from Github:

rm -rf django-not-eav not_eav_env/

virtualenv not_eav_env
source not_eav_env/bin/activate
git clone
cd django-not-eav/test_project
pip install -r requirements.txt
./ runserver

Or install the development version

Install directly from github:


rm -rf not_eav_env/

virtualenv not_eav_env
source not_eav_env/bin/activate
pip install -e git+git://$NOT_EAV_VERSION#egg=not_eav
cd not_eav_env/src/not-eav/test_project
pip install -r requirements.txt
./ runserver


  • Run the server,
  • Connect to /admin/, ie. http://localhost:8000/admin/,
  • Login with user “test” and password “test”,
  • Create an attribute on the book content type,
  • Open add page for Book model,
  • Use your new field


A working SQLite database is shipped, but you can make your own ie.:

cd test_project
rm -rf db.sqlite
./ syncdb --noinput

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